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  • Hiherbs High Blood Pressure Kang Xin Capsules
Hiherbs High Blood Pressure Kang Xin Capsules

Hiherbs High Blood Pressure Kang Xin Capsules

  • Brand Name: Chinaherbs
  • Function: Balance High Blood Pressure
  • Specification: 60 capsules
  • Keywords: High Blood Pressure Capsule
  • Product description:Blood clean and soften blood vessel Balance High Blood Pressure Kang Xin Capsules
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Brand Name:Hiherbs

Product Name:
Kangxin capsule
Main Ingredient:
Valerian root, Astragalus, Salvia and Lotus embryo.
Indicated Population:
People with higher blood pressure or higher blood fat levels,higher blood sugar,High cholesterol
0.33g each capsule.60 capsules each bottle
Application method and dosage: two-three capsules after a meal (1-1,5 hours after a meal) two times per day. For weakened patients
and people older than 60 years the intake is recommended in accordance with the following scheme1 week – 1 pill in the morning
(from 11 to 13 o’clock, 1,5 hours after a meal);
2 week – 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the evening (from 19 to 21 o’clock);
3week – 1 pill 3 times per day.
Then constantly increase dosage up to 3 pills 2 times per day.
Cleaning effect:
removal of cholesterol plaques in vessels, blood fat normalization and blood pressure normalization.
First stage. Blood purification: removalof residue and toxins from the walls of blood vessels and from blood, increase of blood
resistance to various diseases.
Second stage:
1. removal of atherosclerosis plaques;
2. restoration of blood vessels elasticity;
3. gradual arrest of spasms of blood vessel unstriated muscles.
Third stage. Blood circulation improvement: prevention of thrombocytes and erythrocytes agglomeration, decrease of viscosity,
dissolution of solid particles and agglomerates, improvement of capillary circulation, general revival of a blood flow.
Fourth stage. Improvement of heart and brain function, restoration of damaged heart and brain cells, increase of their vitality,increase of the ability to withstand oxygen starvation.
Shelf life:
24 months.
Storage conditions:
should be kept in an air tight container, in a dark, cool and dry place.
this product does not substitute intake of medicines. In no event should you cancel receiving drugs in accordance with the prior
scheme of treatment. The dose of medicines should be gradually decreased as far as patient’s condition improves.

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