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  • Hiherbs Rosacea (Red nose )Treatment Cream for Nose Redness
Hiherbs Rosacea (Red nose )Treatment Cream for Nose Redness

Hiherbs Rosacea (Red nose )Treatment Cream for Nose Redness

  • Brand Name: Chinaherbs
  • Form:Cream
  • anti acne:herbal rosacea ointment
  • Product Name:Red nose ointment
  • Product description:Chinaherbs Rosacea Treatment Cream for Nose Redness
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Brand Name:Hiherbs

Ointment for treating swollen nose rosacea nose nose erythema

Product name :  Rosacea (Red nose ) Ointment
This unique combination of all-natural, anti inflammatory botanicals is specially formulated to decrease visible flushing and redness by constricting blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Also these all natural , bacteria-fighting start unclogging your pores immmediately to prevent any future Rosacne-related breakout.
Ingredients: Purelly extracted from Aloe, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis , Stemonae Fructus
Healthy function: Kill bacteria and anti-inflammation.
Specification: 15g/Tube/pack

Type: Ointment
Recommended for the people :

1.People is suffering from Rosacea
2.People is suffering from unexplained redness or flushing
3.People is suffering from aging skin with visible blood vessels
4.A bumpy, flaky complexion

Usage: Clean skin and make it dry, then smear ointment on the skin, Gently massage to promote absorption, 2-3 times daily
1. External use only .
2. This is Hygiene products ,not intend to cure and diagnose any disease .
3. Pregnant women are Forbidden, keep itout of reach of children.
4. Skin damage and allergy are forbidden.

Exective Standard : Q/XHRT0066-2016
Hygiene Certificate: Shaan Hygiene Xiao Zheng Zi (2012) #0155
Shelf life: 2 years
Storage: keep it in the cool and dry place

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