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  • Women uterus fibroid tea
  • Women uterus fibroid tea
Women uterus fibroid teaWomen uterus fibroid tea

Women uterus fibroid tea

Product name :  Fibroid Tea
Descripion : Fibroid tea is formulated with natural herbs to help cleanse the female body, Clear womb’s toxin and waste, diminish inflammation womb and help warm it, also naturally shrink and dissolve uterine and ovarian cysts and fibroids .
Main Function :
-Helps to maintain more normal and regulated menstrual cycle
-Aids in cleansing, and nourishing the female reproductive system
- Helps your body in returning to its natural healthy state
- Helps your body expel waste
Main Ingredients: Mullein leaf,vitex berry,ginger root,Ashoka Bark,Dong quai root,Stevia Leaf,Goldenseal Leaf,Black Cohosh root,Cramp Bark root
Specification:2.5gX20 pouches/ box
Direction:Pick the teabag into the cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink, every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3 times until it diluted. 1-2 teabgs per time, twice per day.You can also add lemon or honey according to personal taste.
Product Standard No.:GH/T1091        Production license No.:SC12742130300010
Export Food Manufacturer Record No:4200/04044
Warranty:Four years

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