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  • Chinaherbs Best selling vaginal tightening madura stick yoni wand
Chinaherbs Best selling vaginal tightening madura stick yoni wand

Chinaherbs Best selling vaginal tightening madura stick yoni wand

  • Ingredients: 100% natural herbs
  • Function:Vaginal tightening
  • Specification:30g,60g,80g
  • OEM/Private label: Available
  • Product description:Chinaherbs Best selling vaginal tightening madura stick yoni wand
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Product name: Vaginal Tightening Madura Wand-stick
Description :
vaginal tightening wand is made from unique, pure and selected natural herbs and plants abundantly found in Madura Island in Indonesia, helping moisturize, tighten and revitalize your vagina.
vaginal tightening wand is one of the best choices when it comes to get an affordable, fast, easy, safe, convenient, highly effective way to get a tighter vagina and have an improved overall vaginal health while improving your sexual life.
Health Functions:
1. renew cell, tighten vagina, regulate sex apathy, improve elasticity of the vagina and enhance sex sensation, make ou feel like a girl within 30 seconds;
2. stimulate the female hormone and delay aging;
3. clean the vagina environment, eliminate the toxin from vagina and metra;
4. regulate the incretion, dissolve the pigmentation color spots on face;
5. prevent and cure all kinds of gynaopathy.
Main ingredients
Madura herbs root- Fructus cnidii- Radix Sophorae Flavescentis- Herba Schizonepetae- Pearl Powder- Food Alum-
How to use it ?
1.Gentle wet the tip of the wand in water for 10 seconds
2.Insert 1/4th to 1/2 of the wand slowly into the vagina for 15-30 seconds while rotating
3.Rinse your vagina after application to clear away discharge or residue
4.You can use the wand every 3-5 days to maintain tighteness and vaginal hygiene
5.Ater use, quickly Wash the wand under running water and store it in a cool ventiliated dry place.
6.Attention please , do not soak or put it warm watter . before drying completely, do not store it .

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