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  • Chinaherbs Combined Therapy Genital Warts remover HPV U-KILL
Chinaherbs Combined Therapy Genital Warts remover HPV U-KILL

Chinaherbs Combined Therapy Genital Warts remover HPV U-KILL

  • Ingredients: 100% natural herbs
  • Function: kill bacterial and anti inflammation
  • Specification:1 set per box
  • OEM/Private label: Available
  • Product description:Chinaherbs Combined Therapy Genital Warts remover HPV U-KILL
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Product Name : Combined Therapy Genital Warts HPV U-KILL
The powerful ingredients quickly nourish your skin and stimulate cell renewal for rapid relief from genital warts on your skin.
Fast, safe, thorough, specialized in genital warts
1, biologics - 1-2 days, warts became red, 3-4 days, warts became dark color. then warts became shrinked.  7-8 days wart off, 10 days affected area become new skin.
2, plant extracts - Security 100% pure plant, mild effect on normal skin without any reaction. Without leaving scars, does not affect normal life.
3.Deeply kill - completely accurate arrival at sub-health and internal latent cells engulf reverse HPV virus, the root cause to prevent recurrence.
Main ingredients: Safflower, Radix aconiti agrestis , Radix Aconiti Preparata ,black snake, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis , Cayenne pepper, Borneolum Syntheticum)
Applicable people: genital warts, flat warts, herpes, acne, athlete's foot, eczema, insect bites, etc.

How to use it ?
1: Clean the affected area using cotton swabs dipped the liquid in White Bottle.
2. Use cotton swabs dipped the liquid from Black bottle, smear liquid around the warts.
3. Pressed cotton swabs on the affected area about  10-15 minutes.
4. Twice daily, each time in the morning and evening
5. After cure, to strong the effects, please use it one more time to prevent re-infection and relapse.

[Specification] liquor 10ml /white bottle+ 10ml liquid/ black bottle
[Storage] sealed, dark, dry place.
[Shelf Life] 24 months
1. Strictly adhere to medication in accordance with instructions for use.
2. according to the course of treatment, at least two courses.
3. To prevent recurrence, the couple must be treated together, avoid cross-infection.
4. prohibit sex life during treatment, avoid alcohol, avoid spicy foods.
5. After the drug required to fully dry to wear underwear (or part of the foreskin).
6. recommended to treat hemorrhoids, anal hemorrhoids.
7. greater than soybeans recommend a wart frozen or laser surgery, and then the drug can be quickly cured.
8. The patient needs external wart daily with hot water immersion or rinse the affected area for 15 minutes,
then washed using the sub-solution, in order to facilitate softening off white matter, white matter can not be forced to rub soaking.

9. Replace underwear and towels in hot water 5 minutes into avoiding infection.

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