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  • Chinaherbs ZB Stop smoking Patch anti smoke aid plaster
Chinaherbs ZB Stop smoking Patch anti smoke aid plaster

Chinaherbs ZB Stop smoking Patch anti smoke aid plaster

  • Ingredients: 100% natural herbs
  • Function: stop smoking
  • Specification:1.5g per piece
  • OEM/Private label: Available
  • Product description:Chinaherbs ZB Stop smoking Patch anti smoke aid plaster
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Product Name: ZB Stop-smoking Patch
Anti-Smoke Patch adopts the TCM trans-demal therapy.The active ingredients can penetrate the keratoderma and act at the sensitive nervous system.It can recover the nervous center memorial system,which is destroyed nicotine,and stimulate the gustatory organ in mouth.Then the smokers feel insipid,smelly and disgusted when they are smoking,then they get the purpose of abstaining from smoking.Meanwhile,the active ingredients can decompose nicotine and unhealthy objects so as to diminish the uncomfortable feeling and frustration wich takes by iterative anti-smoking.
Natural tobacco extract, Liquorice extract, Clove extract and Mint extract.
*** Targeted therapy:Acting directly on sensitive nervous system.It lowers the dependence to nicotine.
***Safety and no side-effects:The active ingredients are extracted from natural herbs without any manual supplements and unhealthy objects.
***Two ways regulation:Reduce the intake of nicotine and decompose nicotine existed in the body at the same time.
Apply for :All Smokers
Specifications:21mg each day.
***Apply one patch on a clean and dry part of the body, such as upper arms, chest and thighs; Use one patch daily for the first 3 weeks, then use half a patch in the following 2 weeks;

***For heavy smokers who take more than 20 cigarettes a day or smokers whose body weight is more than 75kg, use two patches daily in the first week.

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