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  • Chinaherbs Pregnant Stretch Marks Oil
Chinaherbs Pregnant Stretch Marks Oil

Chinaherbs Pregnant Stretch Marks Oil

  • Ingredients: 100% natural herbs
  • Function: remove strech marks
  • Specification:10ml per bottle
  • OEM/Private label: Available
  • Product description:Chinaherbs Pregnant Stretch Marks Oil
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Product  : Women pregnant Stretch Marks Oil
Specification: 10ML per bottle
OEM or Private label are welcome .
Ingredient: Lavender oil , Jojoba fruit oil , Centellatica oil , Olive oil and Vitamin E and herbs inside.
1. REDUCES APPEARANCE OF STRETCH MARKS - Our belly oil uses Natural Plants Extract Oil,  plants with potent anti-scar and stretch mark properties. It can naturally lighten marks on mom's belly, breast, butt and hip. Jojoba fruit oil protect skin by locking in moisture and preventing free radical damage that can weaken skin.

2. SKIN SUPPORT THROUGH STRETCHING - This blend is infused with Vitamin E, which helps skin bounce back through moisturizing and promoting collagen production. Your lovely pregnancy glow, magnified!
3. NATURAL SOOTHING SKIN CARE- With lavender extract, our body oil keeps mama’s tummy clean and evokes calm
4. MADE FOR MOMMIES - Safe for pregnant women. We’ve made sure that no ingredient has been linked to birth defects or have negative effects on breastfeeding.
- Clean the skin before the oil was smeared on the belly, legs, breast and hips
- Massage in circular motions until absorbed.

- Use organic oil into the skin 1-2 times in the morning and night to keep it soft and stretchable as your belly grows

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