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Chinaherbs 100% Pure Natural Organic Yoni Massage Egg for Women Vaginal Exercise

How to Use a Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs have gained much popularity. Also known as jade eggsare a gemstones made for vaginal insertion.Yoni eggs rose quartz harnesses the power of energy for sexual healing and is also used for crystal healing and Kegel-like exercises. Along with sexual healing.Yoni eggs also help in emotional,physical and spiritual transformation and help strengthen vaginal muscles.

Regular use increases orgasms,hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general.Some women sleep with the egg in,but some women feel too much energy from the egg for that long a stretch.Either way,we recommends a daily practice.

Here is a guide to use the yoni egg,the right way...

Step 1:
Before inserting the yoni egg in your vagina,ensure that you clean the egg properly using soap and warm water.Post that, place it in hot water for about eight to 10 minutes, and let it cool.
Step 2:
Once the egg is washed,sterlised and cool,gently insert it into your vagina,larger side first.Once you’ve done that, start contracting and releasing your vaginal muscles slowly.This helps in strengthening your vaginal muscles.You can either insert it halfway or completely inside.Keep it in for the time you are performing Kegels exercises or you can also keep it overnight.
Step 3:
After using it, wash it the same way as you did before use and store it in a dry, secure place.

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