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  • Chinaherbs Bee Placenta Capsule Improve sleeping anti-aging
Chinaherbs Bee Placenta Capsule Improve sleeping anti-aging

Chinaherbs Bee Placenta Capsule Improve sleeping anti-aging

  • Ingredients: 100% natural herbs
  • Function: improve sleeping anti aging
  • Specification:60 capsules per bottle
  • OEM/Private label: Available
  • Product description:Chinaherbs Bee Placenta Capsule Improve sleeping anti-aging
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Product name : Bee Placenta Capsule(Improve sleeping,anti-aging)
Each bottles contains 60 capsules.
1. Anti-aging: Bee placenta not only significantly reduces the level of LPO but also significantly increases the SOD activity, extend cell life and cell senescence.
2. Accelerate metabolism, strengthen immunity: It is rich in growth factor and more than 200 kinds of effective ingredients and nutritious ingredients that can speed up cell metabolism, to keep cells young state, and enhance human immunity and disease resistance.
3. Restoration of rhythm and sleep-improving: two-way regulating endocrine function, restore normal “sleep – wake circadian rhythm,” the human body clock calibration, the highest conductivity of natural sleep, to protect the repair and regeneration of the human body function.  Comprehensive regulation by the human body to achieve improved role in the use of the process, does not appear as implicit, memory impairment, rebound insomnia, daytime sleepiness, no side effects and side effects such as liver injury. Of the insomnia caused by excessive mental work, the frail and elderly and other causes debilitating effect especially the emergence of insomnia.
Adapt to the crowd:
Special Note for the elderly and who sleep in poor conditions;
① Bee placenta is the need for nutrients of anti-aging and cosmetology in the nature. Their safety is better than sheep placenta, fetal factors, etc.
② The product does not contain ingredients such as melatonin and diazepam, It is a two-way through the bee placenta regulate human fetal endocrine factors, restore normal sleep rhythm, pioneering natural sleep, no any side effects.
③ Healthy people taking can enhance immunity and disease resistance, reproduction of youthful vitality.
Main Ingredients: Freeze-dried powder of fresh bee placenta, Valerian, Suanzaoren, Astragalus.
Usage: 2 times a day, 3 capsules each time. One month as a course of treatment.
Specifications: 0.3g / tablets.

Indications: bad sleeping,insomnia.

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